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If Button's cankered contract isn't approved by the CRB, Antonio Pizzonia will be driving a Williams next year. You didn't care about it here first.


I'm Well Soaked, But Throw in a Meatloaf & We'll Call It a Deal 

Princeton being full of holes & hollows, hours of pouring rain means flash flooding. Sadly, being on the highest ground in town isn't much good when you've just spilled an entire glass of water on yourself.



Even after Hermann Tilke had the courtesy to design a racing circuit after the Chinese character 'The Cheat,' & after a ripping grand prix, there are still some whiners who don't get why a nation that is (rounding up) .8% motorized needs to care about a sport where a brake disc is worth more than a rice farmer's annual harvest. He Xiang, 28, a 'migrant worker': 'I've heard people talking about F1, but I don't like it. I don't understand it, and I don't have time to pay attention to it.' Funnily enough, some of us feel that way about China.



Amy cannot only play cards (which I knew), she can play poker for money & win (which I like).


Evidently We Have Nothing to Do But Blog, & We Can't Even Do That 

It would seem to be a nice day when you wake up & someone has taken out the trash, & someone else has set insect traps in your room, & someone else has replaced the shower curtain, then someone drives you somewhere, & someone makes you dinner, & yet someone else serves you free drinks for an hour. I'm really On My Own.


You Asked For It 

I don't know yet just how good Christopher Logue's new book is, finally published here. Pretty bloody good. It's the killing parts of the Iliad if Christian Bok were to write them using all the vowels. Logue beats, just browbeats, Butler, Fagles, Lattimore, Fitzgerald. Pope? I don't know. I don't know why there are thirteen used copies at Amazon:

King Ivan Kursk, 22.30 hrs,
July 4th to 14th '43, 7000 tanks engaged,
'. . . he clambered up and pushed a stable-bolt
Into that Tiger-tank's red-hot machine-gun's mouth
And bent the bastard up. Wowee!'
Where would we be if he had lost?
Achilles? Let him sulk.


He Went into a Paroxysm of Table-Banging, Face-Screwing, & Nose-Pinching 

As if you didn't know this, wasabi peas are the new party drug.


'German Rubbish,' Says Hans Aarsleff 

Nietzsche: 'our innermost being, our common foundation, experiences dreams with profound pleasure and joyful necessity.' And my dreams are about turning down the volume on my phone, & having to swap alarm clocks with my father.


CWR 301 

My first workshop was like the Battle of Jutland, if Britain had fought the Western Samoan High Seas Fleet. If you know what I mean.



Not feeling quite as unique. I finally took the opportunity to get a beer at Vbar, only to find that it clearly is (just as I thought it might be) a nicer version of Dbar put up on Sullivan Street. Same white people, same stools, same green, sponge-painted walls. But Vbar is 'run by actors' and has a 'bookshelf & books' against the wall. And is 'twice as expensive.'


Maybe Amy's Right About My Being Too Lucky 

Andrew Young & I found four liters of wine.


Light Reading 

Dinner tonight was coffee, a piece of bread, & two apples.

And a Bloody Good Thing, Too 

As your browser has already noticed, the entire site is (finally) now hosted at erikkennedy.com. My Princeton space will be reserved for a spirited, culturally-sensitive reappraisal of the Banana Poets of the Torrid Zone, which will be conferenced early next year.

Or a spirited first appraisal of the handsomest, swankest Legislators in New Jersey based on their official pictures and the fact that one of them went to the Hun School. The winners: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.



I, Erik Kennedy, will be working a four-hours-a-week job this semester.


I'll Have It 

It may be the last time for a while I get to do it, so I am embracing a homegrown meatloaf & eating it with ketchup. And some corn soup. And a biscuit & butter. I'm moving back on Saturday, then chewing sweet and bitter fancies.


Dreams Are the Touchstones of Our Character 

Finally, a place willing to let me get blind drunk.

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