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My Lucky Coin 

Until I knew misfortune, I didn't have time for things like lucky coins, thankfulness, or humility.

Now, I am a storm's-eye supplicant. I vaguely fancy coins. And, sad that I still scorn humility and thankfulness, I have decided in penance to show to the world (lucky world!) the coin (lucky coin!) I've secretly carried as an amulet these several years. Why should I have kept any secrets? Everything has worked out brilliantly, hasn't it?!

The coin is a 1939 two-shilling piece (obverse, reverse), a physical representative from 'the last good year,' a last year of peace, quiet in the empire, and fifty-percent-silver pocket money. This florin, a real pre-Decimal beauty, has fantastic heft, exquisite lettering, and a positively fair likeness of George VI. When I drop it, it rings like a gun-barrel.

Should my constant, desperate attempts to not lose the florin fail, I have established a line of succession. 1) From 1910, the last year of fan-favourite Edward VII's reign, a half penny (obverse, reverse) from my soldiering great-grandfather's purse. 2) From 1927, the year of, um, the Lindy hop and the People's Liberation Army, a splendidly incused quarter eagle (obverse, reverse)—the first, and probably only, thing I have ever really saved my money for.



Only rarely do I have something to announce on this blog. I do now.

Until now, I had never quite figured out how to 'say something' every day at erikkennedy.com, as this world of button flies, 20,000-hour light bulbs, and Internet-ready personal computers demands we do. Is Twitter the answer? In @thetearooms, I have created an ignorable, disposable micro-blog virtually guaranteed to be updated at least twice daily! Every tea will now be a talking tea.

Imagine you're actually sitting with me, forefinger curled around teacup handle! Imagine my excited conversation! Imagine putting down your spoon or using your napkin! Imagine me exclaiming 'the air war against Germany was justified because it lured the Luftwaffe into the skies to destruction,' or 'the world turned to shit when Britain went off the gold standard,' or 'common metre is so common; I demand long metre! I don't care if it's beastly tedious,' or 'Andrea Dossena is an appalling footballer,' or 'you can't track a fox if you're drunk,' or 'refute alchemy'! Getting it yet?

Be as close to me as you want to be, and no closer!

Erik Kennedy
Erik Kennedy


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